Tailgate Tips

It’s time to tailgate!  It’s hard to believe that the party in the parking lot can be the best part of the season, but sometimes depending on who your team is and how they’re doing, sometimes it is.  If we’re truly ready for some football, we need to take advantage of some great tailgate tips.  For the record, these strategies apply to whatever sport you fancy and even to the parking lots of your favorite high school sports, except for the alcohol part.

Tailgating Organization

TLC.com had some great ideas, here are some of our favorites:

Paper Towel Holder:

hanger-304460_960_720Tailgates can get messy and sometimes napkins just don’t get the job done. Try this hack to keep a roll of paper towels handy during your tailgate. Take a plastic hanger and crack the bottom of the hanger. Put your paper towel roll through both sides of the broken hanger and use the hook to attach the roll on a tent or on the back of a chair. Instant paper towel holder!


Skip the plastic tablecloths that fly away when the wind blows and tear easily. A twin size fitted sheet fits perfectly over a long folding table, it stays put on windy days, and you can color coordinate to match your team’s colors!

From Guff.com

Condiment Holder

Keep all of your condiments and sauces organized in a six-pack holder. Cover the box in contact paper if you wanna be all fancy about it.

Truck Bar

You can throw a shelf in the back of your ride to make a nicely organized, fully stocked bar. We’ll drink to that!

From AllAmericanTailgate.com (Yes, they have their own website)

toolbox-1582313_960_720ABC’s show The Chew shows us an amazing way to repurpose a toolbox for tailgating. You can pack your tailgating essentials in this compact but efficiently arranged container. The main compartment can hold your cooking accessories, such as a spatula or basting brush, while the middle compartment can keep the practical tools you’ll need like trash bags and wet wipes. Finally, put your favorite seasons and spices in the bottom drawer. All of these things can be stored in an easily accessible and dense container.

Cozy Coolers (There’s a method to the madness)

coolerStressed tailgaters just throw things into a cooler and head out the door. Smart tailgaters follow the rules of how to pack a cooler. LBP Manufacturing, Inc. shared this infographic on Pinterest that will revolutionize the way you pack a cooler.

Win or lose, at least you’ll be organized.  If you’re hopeful like us and you’re headed to a Bills game, here are all the details on where to park.  Stay tuned for some tailgate food ideas in a future blog.  If your goal this season is to make a move, we can help with that too.  Contact us today  for just the right plays!


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