How To Prepare Your Taxes

Valentine’s Day may be over but it’s still the season of love, and we know how much you love doing your taxes so we’ve updated our How to Prepare Your Taxes guide! And, because we like you, we’re going to give you a pep talk!

Taxes 21. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

We know it is hard to get motivated to do them; let’s face it, taxes aren’t very fun. Why not come up with a reward once you’ve clicked that send button, or put that envelope in the mail! How about a lovely dinner at Lento at the Village Gate and a night at the theater seeing Wicked! (Perfect timing–the show is in town from March 29th to April 9th.)

2. Get yourself organized! 

The awesome folks at TurboTax have a check list to get you started. Gather all your forms and info, and have them on-hand so you don’t have to go on a frustrating hunt right when you’re getting close to finishing!

3. These days it makes sense to prepare taxes and file online; it is a great option if you are up for it! 

There are so many options out there; not sure where to start? The IRS actually has a list of 13 companies that will make their programs available for free if you qualify and there is also an IRS Free File program to check out. Active Duty Military? Many companies allow you to prepare and file your Federal AND Sate for free! has also just revised their guide to the best tax software for 2017.

4. Don’t panic, if you have to, you can extend.

The IRS has all the info you need to get an extension.

checklist-911841_960_7205. Double check!

The IRS has a checklist of common errors made when preparing- easy things like printing clearly and checking to make sure your Social Security Number is accurate make a difference!!

Okay, time to dive in! You’ve got this; we believe in you!!

Did you know there are lots of tax deductions you can take advantage of as a home owner?  Click here to contact us, we’ll give you the scoop!  And, your return will make a great down payment.


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