Indoor Fun in Rochester NY

penguinIt’s all fun and games until someone has to go outside, and then it’s cold.  So why go outside? There’s tons of indoor fun in Rochester NY and you can still stay active!  Here are a few ideas we’ve found for people of all ages!

Rochester Museum and Science Center

With over 200 exhibits at the RSMC, you can’t go wrong and you’ll end up putting in your 10,000 steps all you Fit Bit users!  Fire, High Tech Yesterday, Dinosaurs, Parties after  Dark.  You have so much to choose from.  And, you can get a discount from your local library through the VIP Pass Program.  Looking for more museums? Check out this list.

Okay, if museums don’t  float your boat, maybe a water park will.  (#seewhatwedidthere)

Head East: Cascades Indoor Water Park at Greek Peak

We’ve been to the Splash Lagoon in Erie, PA and The Grey Wolf Lodge in Ontario.   Cascades is just down the road a piece in the Cortland area.  With the White Water Wave Pool, Big Bear Falls and the Rapids, it’s worth the drive.  Bonus, if not everyone in your family likes to ski, this adventure is a great alternative.


Head West:  Falls View Indoor Water Park

fallsview logoFrom their website:  Family time is precious, make the most of a family getaway by choosing the Falls Avenue Resort- Niagara’s premier one-stop family destination. Our inter-connected 20-acre Resort is home to first-rate hotels, exciting attractions, and numerous restaurants – all under one roof, and directly across from the Falls!

Here’s the bonus–you get to visit the Falls from the comfort of your hotel room and many packages are available.  Book now for February Break!

 Pole Position Raceway

Yes, it’s true, you can start your engines in indoors with Go-karts for kids and adults.  Feeling like you were born for speed?  You can actually enter races and competitions.  Check the online calendar for different events.

Rock Ventures

It may just be time to climb every mountain and you can indoors at Rock Ventures.   From their website:

rock venturesRockVentures offers a safe, controlled environment that’s great for beginners young and old. But we’re popular with experienced climbers, too, since we offer so many varied routes. Climb because it’s your passion; do it because it’s good cross–training for other activities, or just do it for fun. Try it to freshen up a ho–hum fitness workout—it’s far from your ordinary weight training or cardio routine.

We also offer the advantage of being climate controlled, making it a great place to spend a cold winter or sweltering summer.

Glow Golf

Need to improve your putting?  Glow Golf is for all ages.  Act fast and take advantage of this trending Groupon for 50% off!  There are several locations in Rochester including one at Marketplace Mall.  You can let the others shop until they drop; you’ll be getting your game on.


There’s so much to do and see and explore indoors in Rochester, NY.  If you’d like more information about other winter adventures, or how to get your exercise by packing and making a move, we can help! Contact us today! 


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