List Your Home During the Holidays

We saw Halloween in August and the first signs of Christmas in early September.  With all this calendar hopping, you may be tempted to think you’ve lost your window on making a move until next spring.  Fear not.  The truth is there are  several advantages to listing your home and making a move during the holidays.

Motivated Buyers

People who make a move during late fall and the end of the year are serious.  People move for a myriad of reasons, some of which include jobs, divorce, tax breaks, death, financial gain, unforeseen circumstances and more.  Most who are looking now, need to be somewhere.

Decked Halls

photo provided by stock.xchangeChances are you’re celebrating something this season with some decked halls and some fa la la.  Your home will already have a tasteful touch when you list it.  Years of experience has shown us that many buyers regardless of the season they are searching have thoughts on where to put their tree or how to bring the groceries in during winter weather.  You’ll be able to demonstrate first hand.  You’ll also have control over when people have access to your home.  Go ahead and throw the holiday office party!  Maybe one of your co-workers will fall in love with your home or know someone interested in buying it!

Limited Inventory

Traditionally, there aren’t as many homes available during late fall and the end of the year.  As a newly listed property, you will face less competition.  It’s tempting to want to price your home as high as it will go.  Stick to a fair market value price and let buyers raise the value as they compete.   Overprice your home and it could end up in the land of “misfit toys.”

Sell High, Buy Low

mortgage-149882__180Interest rates are still at all-time lows.   You can get the best price on your home and take advantage of great rates.  Is there an outside chance that you may sell your home and not find what you are looking for?  Maybe, and we will search high and low and write letters if we have to, to find the right home.  Just for a minute, though, let’s take the worse possible scenario.  You have to move twice.   In the great scheme of life, this adventure will be a small price to pay for a great price on your current home and a beautiful new home with a great interest rate.  You’ll be completely organized and completely non-contingent when you make your purchase.

You haven’t missed the fall market or any market for that matter.  With the right Realtor (Pick Us- we can be two places at once) and the right mindset, every day is the perfect day to make a move!  Contact us today! 


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