Creative Date Nights

Hey There  Lovebirds!

cranesWhen is the last time you took your sweetheart on a real-life, honest-to-goodness, date?  If you are like many couples, finding that special time to be together isn’t always easy, but experts say that quality time with your partner is essential!  offers  some great advice for those of us who have forgotten the fine art of dating our significant other.

Looking for a fun new date night idea?  What are you in the mood for!?

Inexpensive Dates

loveLooking for a date that won’t break the bank?  As much as we love Netflix nights, you can still take your loved one out once in awhile, without emptying you wallet.  Why not try:

1.  It’s the perfect time of year to cuddle up in front of a bonfire!  Check out these safety tips from our friend Smokey the Bear, and then get ready for a romantic evening!  And if it’s a nice, clear night, why not add some star gazing to the mix??

2.  Go for a walk!  Whether it’s just around the neighborhood, or you go explore somewhere new together (try downtown or a local park!), it’s a great time to get some fresh air & reconnect!

3. Lots of local farms have seasonal fruit ready for the picking!  Head over to your local market and go berry picking together!  Blueberries are in season!!

Try Something New!

1.  Tops Friendly Market on Mt. Read in Greece is offering cooking classes!!  Grab your honey and learn to create a romantic dinner for two, or a marvelous meatball, or a sensational Sunday brunch.

For more info or to register, visit them on the web.

2.  Or visit the New York Culinary Arts Center for an even bigger variety of classes!

Give Back

Find a cause that you both care about, and volunteer!  There are lots of opportunities to serve the Greater Rochester Area.  Visit a local animal shelter, soup kitchen, nursing home, or even just helping a neighbor with some yard work!  The great folks at can help you find a cause to care about!

Maybe your next date night adventure includes making a move!  We would love to help you find the perfect match!  Contact us today!


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