It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Spring has sprung!

broom-1324469_960_720It’s Rochester, so who knows what the weather will do but we’re thinking warmer temperatures are here to stay.  It’s time to start thinking spring because the calendar says so! Here are some great ways you can get your yard ready for spring and your home ready to shine with our Spring Cleaning Guide for 2016.

Spruce Up the Inside

bucket Take a look around; what needs to be done?  A fresh house always feels great in the spring!  We love The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking’s spring cleaning list!  Feel like your house is too much to tackle? Home Advisor can hook you up.  Check out their list of cleaning services available right here in our area.  Look at the reviews.  Give one a call, and start your spring off right!!


Spring into Action on the Outside

pansy-260837_960_720An article from Good Housekeeping has some great tips:

  1.  Survey the damage to find the dead and bare spots of your lawn
  2. Tidy up debris and consider a compost pile
  3. Get your lawn mower serviced
  4. Prune your plants with this great guide

Add a Little Extra Touch

A little love goes along way in improving curb appeal for Spring. Instead of shutting the door, why not paint it?  Not sure what color?  There’s an app for that.  Bloom where you’re planted and get yourself some fun containers for flowers too.  It will be your way of saying hello to your guests long before they ring the doorbell. Not a green thumb? No worries.  Get one of those automatic water globes at your local garden store.  Hopefully your home is your happy place, but if it’s not the right fit, fear not.  Change your address and change your life. (We can help.) Either way you’re going to need great curb appeal, so have at it.

Spring brings an active market and if you are thinking of making a move this is the best time ever! Interest rates are still at historic lows!  Contact us today!



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